HIDDEN GARAGE, by Edoardo Sessa and Elisa Capucci, was born in Bologna during 2022 spring season, when, after a very unexciting period and a strong desire to do something without necessarily having to go through institutional channels, we decided to join our forces to transform our shared studio in an independent project. Hidden opens for the first time in a garage that was about twenty square meters, in the suburb area of San Donato district. After the first two openings, we were forced to leave the area because of complains from the condominium inhabitants. After this event the project became nomadic, currently looking for an official site. Hidden was born to be a prolific space for artistic experimentation, an independent medium that tries to detach from the many difficulties and restrictions of the city’s artistic landscape. Thanks to the project we are able to build, together with the guest artists, an experimental and autonomous curatorship, offering a strong commitment dedicated to the exchange and visibility of their artistic research. The plan, still at its primary form, aims to grow more and more thanks to all those essential contaminations that constitute and will constitute the total aspect and history of the project.

07.11.2022 – Radiocittàfujiko – Coxo Spaziale – intervista con Gino Gianuizzi (Neon), Marcello Tedesco (Museo temporaneo Navile), Edoardo Sessa ed Elisa Capucci (Hidden Garage)