HIDDEN GARAGE was founded in 2022 by Elisa Capucci and Edoardo Sessa. The project was born from the need to generate a network of exchanges and relationships between artists. A self-managed space that refuse the canonical and obsolete exhibition mediums to give life to an active and fresh environment.



The work was born from the double collaboration between Edoardo Sessa and Elisa Capucci; an exceptional twofold cooperation, since Hidden Garage (self-managed by the artists themselves) decides for the first time, to present a work dedicated to its own creators.
Worn Out Lullaby consists in a careful research dedicated to a specific area in the city of Bologna.
The area includes a completely abandoned industrial body which extends for more than 93,300 square meters, named STA.VE.CO (Stabilimento Veicoli Combattimento).
The place, built around the end of the 18th century was a militarized zone that became a proper arsenal during the previous century and eventually fell in disrepair not many decades ago.
The two artists decide to study and narrate the slow flow of events and the new climax of the site, recounting the locus itself.



On the 22th of October from 6 pm, Hidden open the doors of a granted space by Fondazione Rusconi, In Giuseppe Petroni street, 22a.
Jager’s research starts from the sub-cultures of the 90s to mature up to today’s contemporary issues related to the landscape and its heritage in the social sphere, through a completely transdisciplinary approach.
Ballad of the End wants to build a dialogue between art and anthropology, anticipating, as an open glimpse on what will come after us, those actions of construction and de-construction that are the basis of our civilization.
Another element taking place in the performance structure is sound. Lorenza Ceregini and Maru Barucco, two Sound Designers work together in the space, interpreting the ambient, giving life to a sensorially expanded experience of the project.



The project was born thanks to the collaboration between Jacopo Naccarato, (Arezzo, 1995) and Bernardo Tirabosco, (Arezzo, 1991).
The two artists, yet colleagues, co-founders of the independent space SOTTOFONDOSTUDIO, build, in the space of Hidden Garage, a prolific nest made of fragmentary memories, which gives an inquisitive gaze to the nature of the human being and to his power over the world.



The work was born from the successful collaboration between two very young artists; Samuele Bartolini, (1998) and Zaira Fiallo, (2000). With the project, the artist’s main intention is to build a very personal micro-environment dedicated to the contemplation of fragility and loss, fundamental matrices of life.

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